February 7, 2011

March 26th - Volunteer Opportunity

Harvest Soup Kitchen @ 7am
We are going to help out our fellow community members who are in need by using our culinary skills and knowhow at the Harvest Soup Kitchen. I know you have to get up before the rooster but those of us that have volunteered before have found it a very rewarding experience. We will prepare food and have a quick meeting so you should be cleaned up and out of there in plenty of time to get back to your busy Saturday. The Harvest Soup Kitchen is located at 920 E. Charles St, Muncie 47305 . Let email president@acfeci.org if you can help out.

Check out some more information about the Harvest Soup Kitchen thanks to the continued support from our members: http://cms.bsu.edu/features/global/makinganimpact/feedingthehungry.aspx